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How to Eat Healthier When Life Happens + Quick and Easy Recipe!

Hey lovelies,
As we all know, yesterday was St. Patty's Day and I have a confession to make. I didn't even wear green!

This may have been the first year that I didn't wear something green for St. Patty's Day but I did eat something green and I have the recipe to share with you today!

It was a busy week and you know how sometimes you get to Thursday and you feel kinda blah? Yeah. That was me yesterday. When you feel like that, you've probably been busy throughout the day/week and that can make it tough to muster the energy it takes to cook a healthy meal and clean up, am I right? Especially, if you didn't prep anything for yourself at the beginning of the week.

What do we typically do in this situation?

Scenario 1- You're already lacking energy but you're hungry so you turn to some processed or convenience food (aka junk food) which doesn't really support your body and give you proper fuel. Then you wind up with even less energy in the long run because your body has to work extra hard to digest food that it generally doesn't know how to properly digest.

Have you ever experienced something like that? or like this...

Scenario 2- You avoid eating altogether. This is always an epic fail because not only does your blood sugar go way down, your metabolism slows way down too. Double fail. This is when crazy sets in and you all know what I'm talking about, don't deny it, we've all been there and we all know this generally leads to late night binges.

Neither scenario is optimal.

Here's what I do to ensure I don't wind up in a binge, starving, or entirely regretting what I ate and it's super simple!

The next time you go to the grocery store, stock up on some basic "healthier" options and remember that semi-healthy is better than junk when you're in a pinch. Think baby steps.

Here are some "healthier" item ideas to stalk up on so you can throw together a quick meal or ADD IN a healthier option to a meal when you're in a pinch, these are things I always keep on hand:

  • Frozen Vegetables, including dark-leafy greens
  • Canned and/or Refrigerated beans (low sodium)
  • Vegetable Broth (low sodium)
  • Frozen Sprouted Grain Bread
  • Nut Butters
  • Onions
  • Root Veggies like carrots, parsnips, beets
  • Quinoa (If you're extremely pressed for time, you can even get precooked, frozen quinoa)

Onions and root vegetables generally have a little bit longer shelf life so having them on hand can be useful for throwing into meals plus it doesn't take long to chop up a couple veggies.

Should you depend on pre-prepped veggies, frozen and canned foods ALL the time? NO.

Cooking fresh food yourself is always best so you can maximize your nutrition and know exactly what is going into your food. However, I'm realistic that not everyone takes/has time to meal prep every single week and sometimes schedules get crazy. That's why having some quick go-to ingredients and meals on hand can be a life-saver.

Not to mention, the more nutritious foods you can add in, the more your body will be supported meaning more energy for you!

The next time you go to the grocery store, stalk up and when you're in a pinch, ADD IN a healthier option to the mix that will give you more sustained energy and not leave you regretting your meal.

I'd love for you to share what you keep on hand in your pantry to stay healthy and any tips for when you're in a pinch! Comment below or head over to the Limitless Women group to join the conversation.

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Yesterday, I was busy and I waited until last minute to figure out what I was going to make which is not a good situation to be in but hey, I'm human too. So... I went with what I had on hand (my go-to healthy meal option) which was roasted root veggies with greens and beans.

I simply chopped up some carrots and parsnips, mixed them with EVOO, salt & pepper and roasted them in the oven at 350. While they were roasting, I made some greens and beans - this whole meal took me about a 1/2 hour but was so worth putting in the effort to avoid feeling like crap from eating junk.

Here's what I did for the greens and beans (this recipe was inspire by a Whole Foods Recipe):

Chop onions and saute in pan with olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes.

onions and broth
Once onions are translucent, add low sodium vegetable broth and bring to a simmer.

Next add greens, I used fresh kale, and Italian Seasoning, cover and simmer until greens are wilted.
(sorry for the blurry photo, I'm never claimed to be a photographer and steam mixed with an iPhone for photos doesn't always turn out great!)

green  n beans in pan

Once, the greens are wilted, add cannellini beans (rinsed and drained). Cover and simmer until heated through. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

Here was dinner with the roasted veggies..


Fairly quick and easy to throw together plus it was delicious!
For the full Greens and Beans Recipe and to print, click here.

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3 Ways to Build More Consistentcy With Your Health Habits

This past weekend, I got to go snow tubing with the hubs and a small group of friends. Considering most of my days are spent in front of a computer or talking with people over the phone (don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do) it was so much fun to let go of to-do’s and enjoy some time out with friends.

Not to mention, doing something I enjoyed so much as a kid. I haven’t been sled riding or tubing in years. Every single time I went flying down that hill on my tube Saturday night, I couldn’t help but giggle with pure joy and excitement.

Here is the Hubs and I on top of the tubing hill...

snow tubing ty and i
This pic isn't the best but you get the idea. :)

Seriously, could not stop giggling! It was so much fun connecting with my inner child.

This experience got me thinking about how important it is for our health and wellbeing to have fun, to relax, and giggle uncontrollably as though we are 5 years old again.

Stepping into Monday, how can we carry this idea of fun, excitement, and “letting go” throughout our hectic week ahead so we can stay healthy and happy?  How can we make this “Leap Year” consistently more healthy?

When I talk to others about their health and wellbeing, one of the number one struggles I hear is that they are struggling with being consistent.  

The funny thing is, our “inner child” could not care less about consistency when it comes to things like:

·         Healthy eating habits

·         Exercise or a workout routine

·         Sleep, getting to bed on time and staying asleep

·         Drinking enough water throughout the day  

Now, if I ask each individual person what consistency means to them, I typically get a different response from each person I ask, “What does consistency mean to you when it comes to your health and wellbeing?”

Take a quick moment to think about what being consistent in your health and wellbeing personally means to you.

Understanding that while consistency can be incredibly important when it comes to reaching your health and wellbeing goals, it’s also equally important to embrace the journey.

Generally speaking, we as humans tend to put ourselves in our own bubbles of comparison. We compare our eating habits to others, our exercise patterns to others, and so on. We also tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do this and do that simply because it works for someone else and if we happen to fall off that pattern, we punish ourselves through negative self talk as if we aren’t good enough.  

We are our own worst critics, am I right?  Does this resonate with you?

Unfortunately, this type of thinking is all too common and where is the fun in that? It’s no wonder that our “inner child or inner self,” if you will, resists staying consistent with our healthy habits.

So how do we make healthy habits “fun” for our inner child so we don’t resist them and can actually maintain some consistency?

1. We get in touch with our passions. Everyone has different passions and if we are following someone else’s passions other than our own, we’re immediately setting ourselves up for failure.  The key here is to be unapologetic about what lights you up when it comes to your health and wellbeing.  What thought or idea makes you giggle? Do you love to dance but are trying to force yourself to run for exercise?  We are all unique in this sense, even when it comes to our health. Don’t force what doesn’t light you up!

2. Stop waiting for every condition under the sun to be perfect. Think back to when you were a kid for a moment. As a child, you most likely got excited to learn something new, right? It’s thrilling to learn about new things, to be able to accomplish something new. However, as adults, we think we have to know it all, be able to do it all, or have everything perfectly in place in order to take any kind of action. That’s simply not true.  A child doesn’t have to think about an outcome in order to start doing and they don’t let setbacks stop them from continuing to take action.

I recently heard a quote that went something along the lines of, “If a child gave up learning to walk just because they fell down 50 times, they would never learn to walk.”  Let that one sink in for a moment.

3. Appreciate the present. Again, all too often we compare ourselves to where someone else is on their journey and all we think about it getting to where that person is instead of appreciating where we are. Appreciation for the present state is the only way to move forward. So you fall of track with your healthy lifestyle habits, so what? Is that a good reason to stay in sabotage mode? No. Have appreciation for the fact that you fell of track for a moment and allow yourself the space to learn and grow from that failure.  You cannot move forward until you appreciate the present.

On that note, because I love inspirational quotes, I’ll leave you with this….

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

 – Maya Angelou

Here's to giggling like a child,


5 Steps to Regain Your Wellbeing When There's Not Enough Time In The Day

So how is it that Betty Sue seems to glide through life, getting anything and everything done in her day, all while her and her kids look completely put together and she has the same energy as her 2 year old (a 2 year old has a ton of energy for those of you who have never been around a human of that age!)?

Then I’m over here exhausted from my hectic day, struggling to throw a meal together last minute, and pshhh… forget working out, who has time for taking care of yourself when bills need paid, you’ve got due dates for work, the family needs fed, the house needs cleaned, and you just want to go to bed?!?!? RIGHT?!?!?


I know, I know. We all have good intentions of eating healthy, exercising, and take care of ourselves and our families.

We struggle with making it all happen all the time. We are human after all, we’re not perfect.

News flash!!!

We all have the same 168 hours in a week, 24 hours in day, and 60 minutes in an hour.

Every single person on this planet has the same amount of time in a day.

So…why is it that some of us struggle to get everything done in a day while some of us don’t seem to have it all together?

First things first… no one has it all together all of the time. No one.

However, a more important question to ask here is, ‘why are our self-care practices, planning healthy meals and exercise (all things that will actually give our bodies more energy to keep up with our busy schedules) the first things to go out the door when we get the slightest bit “busy?’”

If your goals look like something along the lines of eating better, getting more sleep, exercising more, etc. and you’re struggling to accomplish those goals, then it’s time to get curious about why and how you choose to spend your time the way you do.

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ it’s like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’”

Time management isn’t always as simple as it sounds. It requires habit change and we humans tend to shy away from change.

So how do we go about changing our habits to better manage our time and energy?

Here are 5 steps to get you started.

1. Start tracking where your time is being spent each day.

Awareness is the key to begin change. The more you track how and where you are spending your days, the more awareness you will bring to unproductive tasks and time wasters that you can begin to let go of to bring focus to more important things you want to accomplish.

There are tons of time tracking apps and services out there for you to download for FREE. Search ‘time tracking app’ online or on your Smartphone and check out which ones apply to your life and give them a try. You can also create a simple Excel spreadsheet to track your hours in a day. Another option (my favorite choice to track time) is to go back to the old fashioned way of using good ol' pen and paper.

2. Get out of the negative mindset games.

A negative mindset will only get you negative results. A positive mindset will make things happen. No more excuses. Every single thought you have, makes you or breaks you. Every time you notice negativity creeping into your mind, pause, and change your thought to a more positive one. It’s that simple and if you do this enough, you’ll pause less and less and the positivity will come naturally in place of the negativity.

It can also be helpful to say positive affirmations each day. Create your own affirmations or collect quotes, inspirational sayings, etc. to repeat out loud to yourself on a daily basis. What we say and hear on a regular basis can make all the difference when it comes to believing we can make changes in our lives.

3. Don’t try to do everything all at once.

We all know the old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s old and still around for a reason. Have patience with yourself. Consider mastering one small thing at a time. Once you master one small thing, conquer another small thing, and each little step will build on the next.

For example, say you want to run a marathon. Well you don’t jump out of the gate and BAM run a marathon. No. A marathon requires training, persistence, and patience.  Maybe you begin by running ½ a mile for a week, then you build on that and run 1 mile the following week, continually increasing by ½ a mile each week until you’re physically able to run the full distance.

The concept of gradual change for creating better habits to manage our time and energy for a healthier lifestyle works. Trust me on this one. Break. Down. The. Steps. and take one step at a time.

4. Surrender to failure, it’s inevitable and actually a good thing!

Things don’t always go perfectly. We set goals, we don’t always reach them, and that’s okay. Surrender means to cease resistance and let go with ease. So, when things don’t always go as planned, let go, forgive, and start again. No one ever succeeds perfectly the first time, usually the second, third and fourth times either. Failure simply means we are trying and we're learning.

Surrendering is also a practice. No one likes to fail or be seen as a failure but you know what?

There are many, MANY famous failures in history… take a look at a few of them here to find some inspiration and motivation.

5. Find The Right Support

Habit change is a huge deal. It requires us to dig deep with our beliefs, our comfort levels, and our ability to cope. However, having support and accountability as we’re making changes can make all the difference between staying stuck in our situation or rising above it. Human beings thrive in communities with lots of support.  Somewhere along the lines, we decided as a human that we had to be tough and go at it alone or it meant we weren’t strong enough or capable. 

If you think you have to get healthy and make all kinds of lifestyle changes all on your own, you don’t.  In fact, I’ve created a community of support just for you. In this community, there is no judgment, no shaming, and no negative mindsets.  We are a group of people looking to improve our health and well being together, supporting each other and celebrating our successes along the way. Join Here!

“The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic, or hospital.”
Dr. Mark Hyman

Are you ready to have support from an amazing community? I hope so!

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Portion Control Secrets You Should Know

Hey lovelies,

I have some important information to share with you all about portion control and healthy eating.

Do you know how many servings there are in a bottle of fresh, no additive juice? How about a lunch pack of granola bars or crackers? What about a box of soup?

Most of us grab a snack, grab a sports drink, etc. without concerning ourselves with the labels. Even if the food is a healthier option, how many of us actually stop at half a drink or cracker pack?

Did you know that most of the above foods contain 2 or more servings per container and that the nutrition label generally only gives you the breakdown for 1 serving? Generally, that can mean double, sometimes triple, the sugar, the sodium, and the fat content of the food you actually eat?

Eating too much food in one sitting is hard on your body. Here’s why:
• Food is meant to be spread throughout the day. Overdosing on too much food at one time causes pain, upset, and sluggish digestion.
• A surge of glucose is released into your blood. Your pancreas has to work overtime, pumping insulin through the body to absorb all that extra glucose. This can make you feel spacey, weak, irritable, or headachy.
• Thinking there is some type of emergency, your adrenal glands go into “fight or flight” mode and release adrenaline and cortisol, which is the body’s natural response to stress.
• When your blood sugar levels finally plummet, you experience wicked cravings for more food—specifically simple carbs or sweets.
• Research has found that immune system function is affected for at least five hours after consuming large amounts of simple carbohydrates.

The real question is... How do I manage my portion sizes so I don't overeat?

I have some ideas for you...

Let's keep the conversation going! Share your big take-away and your portion control tips below!

To Limitless Wellbeing,