with Lisa Farrar, The Plant Based Health Coach

10 Ways to Nourish Yourself: Your Full Proof Plan to Stress Free Holidays!

Hi there lovelies,
Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a teleclass and there were so many beautiful souls on the call. Thank you to those of you who joined in and participated live!

We had such great conversation around how to better nourish ourselves as we begin the busy holiday season so we can set ourselves up for success right now and as we move into the New Year too.

I absolutely love hosting calls like this one because I get to connect with you all live! It's great to hear from you and share together.

If you had to miss out on the call or ditch out early, I was able to record the call for you to listen in and I hope you do! 

Here is what we covered on the call:

•Ways to boost your energy levels with more than just food
•Various relaxation techniques that will quickly calm you during stressful times
•How to improve your sleep and get to sleep faster
•Secrets to ease and peace during the busy holiday season and beyond

and of course... 10 WAYS TO NOURISH YOURSELF! :)

I would love for you to listen and then share any big take-away's or AHA's you get from the call. Please post them below or reach out to me personally, I would absolutely love to hear from you.

To listen to the recording, simply click HERE.

Wishing you lots of nourishment,



Just this past Sunday, I had the privilege of co-hosting an amazing Women's Wellness Retreat.

It was truly a privilege and a blessing to have the opportunity to lead such an amazing group of women. We did yoga, colored, created vision boards, discussed healthy eating for the holidays and beyond, and even got to enjoy some massage, reflexology, and reiki services. It was truly a relaxing and fun day!

There were 25 women who participated ranging from ages 24 through 81! How incredible is that?!?

I hope I'm still doing yoga and staying involved and active at 81 and beyond, what an inspiration!

Of course, I have to share some pictures of this epic event...

yogavision board making
reiki services
tammys fam table

Such an incredible experience and I cannot wait to host another one in the future!

My big AHA from hosting this retreat was the reminder of how very important community is to us as humans. I may have gotten the opportunity to lead these women but what I received back from them was love, hope, and joy. (cliché, I know, but true!)

It's important to be connected to others, make new friends, share with old friends, support one another, laugh together, and enjoy our precious time with our community.

I used to be one of those people who had to do everything on my own. As if I had to prove to the world that I could do it all by myself, I was a big girl, I could handle anything. Us women tend to be really good at "doing it all ourselves."

While some of us may be able to achieve our dreams and goals all on our own, I have found that it can be much more enjoyable and much less stressful if we allow others to step into those dreams and goals with us.

On that note, I want to ask you.... where could you use some extra support in your life?

Maybe you're transitioning jobs. Maybe you're a new mom. Maybe you're suffering from grief. Perhaps you're trying to lose weight or become a healthier version of yourself.

Whatever it may be, I encourage you to find your people. Find your support and be open to the idea that support can turn up in your life in the most unexpected ways.

To community,


#Gratefully annoyed...

Ahhh… November, the month of gratitude…

You know how when you’re a kid, you’re very carefree, laid back and easy going, not a care in the world?

Then as we get older, something changes. 

At some point, I remember feeling like I had been hit in the face with a mass amount of stress. I went from that carefree, easy-going kid to a psycho, unhappy, unfulfilled, stress-ball.

A lot of people refer to this experience as life. “Life happens,” they say.

I wasted years being a pessimist and I was pretty good at it too! My secret to being a pessimist was playing the blame game. Instead of taking responsibility for myself, my choices and actions, I blamed anything and everyone but myself.

The list included society, my family and friends, random people I didn’t know, uncontrollable circumstances, basically, you name it, I blamed it/he/she/they.

I was suffering from poor health, not exercising like I should be, working in an unfulfilling job, not really creating a future for myself, not building healthy relationships and I was really depressed.  Deep down, I knew there had to be more to life than all the suffering but I didn’t know how to pull myself out it.

Looking back now, of course it was easier to blame others for my poor health, easier to blame others for my lack of exercise, and easier to put the blame on others for my unhappiness. Blaming others meant I didn’t have to take responsibility. It also meant I wasn’t going to change. I wasn’t going to get healthy or find any happiness in life.

Eventually, I’d had enough and it was time to make a choice.

Either stay miserable or do something about it.

So, I decided to do something about my pessimistic, unhappy behaviors.

I didn’t really know how to change my thought process from negativity to positive but I began to journal. It took a while of journaling even more negativity for me to realize that it wasn’t helping much. So I started writing down things I was grateful for in my day and believe me this wasn’t easy at first, but I started with 3 small things I was grateful for each day.

Eventually, this gratitude practice became easier and I began running out of room to write about all the things I was so grateful for in my life.  It took time before I started to notice my attitude was shifting, I didn’t feel so alone, and  I was starting to become less stuck in that negativity and blaming mindset.

I was able to start taking responsibility for my life, my health, my dreams and goals.

Sometimes, it’s hard to look in the mirror and realize that we have all the power we need to make things happen for ourselves.  We really do.

We either choose to suffer or we choose to thrive.

Either way, we have a choice and our power lies within our choice.

I made the choice to be grateful instead of hateful and it made all the difference in the world.

Some of you may get annoyed with all the posts you will see about gratitude this month.

I will rejoice in those posts. I know that through those posts, others are growing and expanding their life, including me.

So, what in your life are you grateful for, no matter how small?

Make sure you post and hash tag #LimitlessWellbeing so I can be grateful with you!