with Lisa Farrar, The Plant Based Health Coach

Success Stories

"I Now Crave More of the Good Food that my Body Needs!"

"When I first started working with Lisa, I thought I was just going to learn some new workout routines and healthier eating habits. What I did not realize, was the mental road blocks that I had stopping me from getting to the goals. Lisa was able to help me break through my road blocks so that I could get to my new lifestyle and goals.

Six months ago, I never would have stepped foot in a yoga studio or boot camp class. Now yoga has become a great stress relief for me and also a new hobby. Lisa helped me get past my anxiety and nervousness that was always stopping me from trying new things.  I now incorporate healthier food items into my daily diet, such as more green veggies, fruit and proteins. I learned to add in healthier food and I started phasing out junk food. I now crave more of the good food that my body needs!

Lisa had awesome exercises and techniques to help me surface what was holding me back, thus helping me move forward all while using a gentle, non-judging approach. Lisa is super approachable, and never makes you feel awkward for expressing yourself in a session. She caters each session to help build off the last session while it also fits your personality. Lisa is patient and calm. Whether I was having a great session or one where I had been feeling stuck in a rut, she was able to help me out of my rut while also helping me build new techniques to build myself up from.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle, someone wanting to learn new techniques that deal with a vast variety of things such as confidence, anxiety, or just ways to help increase one's desire to try new things in their lives."

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Lauren Cyphert
Dublin, Ohio

"No Longer Needed My Morning and Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups"

     “During my 6 months with Lisa, my eating habits literally did a 180.  I used to eat fast food or processed foods for every meal. (Honestly, fast food 2-3 times a day with frozen microwavable meals in between).  Fruits and vegetables were non-existent in my diet.  I went from cooking 2-3 times A YEAR to cooking 3-4 times a week! I am consuming a much larger variety of food choices and am eating so much healthier. I also learned a variety of different techniques to use to handle stress and anxiety.  Some of the techniques Lisa showed me I use every single day because they make me feel so good, grounded, and calm. For the first time since being a kid, I make daily time to focus on me.

     Since going through the 6 month health coaching program, I am a much more laid back person, I eat to fuel my body properly, and I am in general happier with my life and where I am going. My full time job is as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. So I have always had some solid muscle mass. Since doing the program, I have noticed that I actually did become even leaner (which wasn’t really a goal of mine, just an awesome side effect).  Changing my diet also increased my energy level.  I used to drink about 3-4 coffee drinks in a given day.  Although it was never even suggested that I take away caffeine, I felt so good after Lisa’s program, that I completely stopped drinking caffeine because I no longer needed my morning and afternoon “pick me ups”.

     I have noticed now 3 months out from Lisa’s program, that I am still carrying on with many of the habits.  I cook regularly and try a variety of fruits and vegetables that I had either NEVER had before, or hadn’t eaten in years.  I have really noticed the changes made in the program stuck with me.  They truly did become a lifestyle.  Lisa was an amazing source of knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration.  She gently guided me and was extremely sensitive and aware of when things became overwhelming for me.  I had a VERY long way to go! I was far from perfect on the program and did not follow through with my goals on MANY occasions.  She was kind and non judgmental and her guidance was like nothing I have ever experienced before.”

Emily Olsen, Ohio

"I've Lost Almost 40 Lbs. and the Weight Continues To Come Off!"

     “When I started working with Lisa, I was very overweight, and not motivated to do anything.  After completing her program, I have learned to control my cravings, learned techniques to help calm my nerves after stressful days, and now love shopping for clothes again. It is so much fun when you feel good about how you look! I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. and the weight continues to come off!

     Lisa taught me how to enjoy cooking and shopping for foods more than I did before because I now know more creative and healthier ways to do so. I am more energized, and feel better about life and myself in general. I am excited about exercising now, and am always looking for new ways to keep exercising fun. Lisa has shown me that it is possible to achieve my goals and has inspired me to be a better Mom to my kids. I am now helping them to live a positive and healthy life. They are so proud of what I have accomplished and it has inspired them to want to make healthy choices in their life.”

Mary Cae Abrams, Ohio

"Best Investment I Made in Myself"

"Working with Lisa is the best investment I made in myself. She is objective, kind and works at your pace. 
She will tell you how it is, give you clarity in your goals and turn your dreams into a reality. I feel 100% support, I feel heard and I am ready to meet her halfway by giving it my all as well. 
Thank you so much Lisa for your kindness and for believing in me!"
Natasha Bekker, Dallas, TX

"I Recommend This Program to Anyone Looking for More Accountability"

    "Since working with Lisa, I have learned how to set smaller, more manageable goals to work toward every week and am now able to prioritize my actions and tasks on a daily basis.  I’m more mindful of when I am working toward something that is truly important and when I am filling my time with little, not as important things to avoid working toward larger goals.

     The most significant overall change I’ve experienced through Lisa’s program has been learning to be proud of myself for the things I have accomplished and not focusing so much on the negative or being “perfect.” Allowing myself to be happy with where I am right now.  Lisa is friendly, helpful, genuine, positive, someone who truly cares about her clients and is really good at focusing on what is working for someone and celebrating those things.

     I would recommend Lisa’s program to anyone who is looking for more accountability in their lives to help them stay more consistent with health-promoting behaviors. I know that there were times where if I didn’t have a session already scheduled, I would not have made time for myself that I truly needed. I always felt better after we got off of our calls together and was really glad that I had that appointment made – it was something that I knew I could count on that was good for myself in a day that otherwise might not have included any self-care or self-compassion at all."

Megan Bartelheim, Dublin, Ohio


"Strength and Compassion Toward Myself"

     “When I began working with Lisa, I wanted to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and be able to maintain weight loss. Lisa helped me work toward these goals by listening for exactly what was happening in my life, my progress and areas of desired improvement. She provided very valuable information in the form of tools and exercises through our one-on-one coaching program. The biggest change I’ve noticed, since beginning the program with Lisa, has been my focus on my own strength and compassion towards myself, mainly because of her consistent reinforcement of my positive characteristics. I have so much gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Lisa, she is an incredibly enthusiastic and powerful coach.”

Laura, Dublin, Ohio


"Everyone Struggles With Keeping The Weight Off, This Program Teaches You How To Do That and So Much More"

     "I had very big goals for myself when I started working with Lisa, including eating healthier and losing weight. Lisa helped me break those big goals down which actually took a lot of stress out of making healthier lifestyle changes. I began to notice that by staying focused on the smaller goals, I was able to make healthier choices. Lisa gave me lots of different ideas to help keep me focused and was always encouraging me when I needed the extra support. Her suggestions fit me for exactly what I needed at that point in time. I would recommend Lisa and her program to anyone who has even thought about developing new habits in their life. We have all heard you can lose weight but everyone seems to struggle with keeping the weight off, this program teaches you how to do that and so much more."

Bobi Blankenship
Marion, Ohio
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