with Lisa Farrar, The Plant Based Health Coach

Health Coaching

Exclusive Support and Accountability

You're ready to make some real, lasting changes that have an impact on your health and life, maybe even the health and life of the planet and other living beings.

I'm here to help.

Whether you're sick of dieting, want to feel better, you want to prevent (or reverse) disease, or you simply want to live a long and happy life being able to do all the things....

there is something stopping you from making it all happen and I know what it is...

Your Daily Habits.

You already know WHAT to do but you're not sure HOW to do it. You struggle with being consistent when it comes to healthy food choices, meal prepping, exercising, and the list goes on.

This is where I come in as your COACH.

I'm your secret weapon for helping you shift your habits and mindset for good so you can create a life full of energy, balance, and longevity. 

You're ready to get in the driver's seat when it comes to your health and well being and I can't wait to support you!

You're ready to take responsibility for your health and your choices and it's scary AF but it's time to get out of your own way. You've got a long life to live and you're not going to let your weight, your energy (or lack thereof), or disease and illness get in your way. So, if...

  • You're sick of trying all the things that only work for a short time
  • You're not sure what the healthiest option is for you anymore because there's so much confusing information out there
  • You're not even sure what 'listening to your body' even means at this point
  • You've experienced small successes but they're short lived because ... well, life
  • You find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others who seem to have their sh*t together which makes you feel even worse

Then it's time to step off the struggle bus, stop getting "stuck," and learn how to trust yourself around the cookie jar once and for all.

There are a few ways I can help you....

Private Coaching

Working one on one with me is an exclusive and highly customized experience as you get individualized support and guidance from me along with weekly calls, unlimited virtual support, resources and tools to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

I purposely only take on a small number of selected private clients at a time to ensure my clients have my undivided attention so space is limited for private coaching.

If you're ready to make your health and life a priority in a big way and are curious about private coaching, contact me to see if there is space available. 

Let's Connect

What it includes:
Recorded coaching calls
Unlimited virtual support in between sessions
Customized resources and tools
Access to my virtual programs and trainings
Support, guidance, and accountability that creates sustainable and lasting change

3-Hour VIP Intensive

You’re sick of feeling stuck, ready to get past it, and want some direction to really get you started with a plan to follow through. You know you could use the extra support and are ready to get serious about uncovering what’s been holding you back from moving forward with your health and life. You're not quite ready for something as involved as private coaching but you want a decent nudge in the right direction.

An intensive can be used in several different ways – we can focus on meal planning challenges, dealing with the naysayers, or maybe you just feel stuck in a rut and are ready to figure out why you struggle with being consistent - either in the kitchen or when it comes to working out... nearly anything goes.

An intensive allows you to explore yourself and get on the other side of whatever it is that is standing in your way of living to your potential with a clear, actionable plan to stay on track. I’ll be there with you through it every step up of the way but you must be willing to go deep to get to the root of what is holding you back. I promise you, it’s worth the effort to come out on the other side!


Let's Connect

What it includes:
3-Hour Coaching Session
2 weeks of unlimited virtual support immediately after the Intensive
Customized resources and/or guides as-needed
1, 30-Minute Follow-Up Session 2 weeks after our Intensive 

90-Minute Plant Based Starter Session

You've recently discovered the benefits of eating a plant based diet and you don't really know where to begin or how to make it work with your lifestyle. Whether you have decided to go plant based for your health, the environment, or for cruelty free reasons, you've got a lot of questions about:

What foods to eat and how to keep it healthy - where do I get enough protein, how do I stay satiated, how do I make sure my kids get enough? etc.
How to meal plan, prep, and keep it simple - who really wants to spend hours in the kitchen and what ingredients do I need to look out for?
How to have conversations with others who aren't quite on board - family, friends, social gatherings can be tough to navigate, everyone seems to have an opinion and questions.
I'll answer your questions and give you my best insight to help get you rooted in plant based eating so it's approachable and do-able with ease!


Let's Connect 

What's included:
90-Minute Coaching Session
Whole Foods, Plant Based Starter Guide
Bonus 30-Minute Follow-Up Session two weeks after our coaching session (because questions always come up and I want you to be supported in this transition)


Plant Based Beginner Course

This is an online course I've created for those individuals who are looking to begin a more plant based diet and lifestyle and would like a more independent and self-paced approach.  It is designed to help you understand how to:

  • Get started with plant based eating no matter where you're currently at or how far you want to take it - from 1-2 meals a week to a full out plant based diet
  • Deal with family, picky eaters, and social interactions
  • Keep it healthy, what to substitute, and what to avoid
  • Meal plan and prep ahead so you can set yourself up for success 

What's included?

The course if broken into self-guided modules

Each module contains videos and/or PDF's guides you can download for personal use

Bonus Session - 20 minute 1:1 support session with yours truly to answer questions and support you through the course 

For more information or to register, please click below. 


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