with Lisa Farrar, The Plant Based Health Coach

Celebrating International Women's Day

Did you know that today is International Women’s Day? Yep. We women have a whole day dedicated to celebrating the social, economical, cultural, and political achievements of women.


What women in particular come to mind when you think of achievement?

Oprah? Eleanor Roosevelt? Amy Schumer? Emma Watson? Maya Angelou?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

What about you?

Perhaps you and I haven’t achieved the same things as the women listed above but I bet we have done some pretty huge things in our lives that others haven’t been able to accomplish.

How often do you celebrate those achievements, no matter how small? The answer to that question is most likely, not nearly enough! Rarely do we women stop to acknowledge ourselves. I mean, who has time for that when we’re trying to conquer the world, right?

I’ve noticed through working with several women, that even if we are acknowledged by others, we often cringe a little and brush off the acknowledgment as though we don’t deserve to receive any praise. Someone tells us we’ve done a great job at something and we say, “Oh no, it was so and so who you should really be thanking” or “Thanks, but I still have quite a ways to go” (this one comes up a lot when we’re talking about achieving health goals). There always seem to be a “but…”

Sometimes it’s hard to accept compliments. Why is that? Why do we have so much trouble receiving praise and gratitude?

We don’t hesitate when we think about praising others, do we?

I once heard someone explain the concept of receiving to me in a way in which it really clicked and I want to share it with you today.

Think about a time you gave someone a gift. You put so much thought into this gift and you couldn’t wait for that person to open it up and see the expression on their face because you knew they would love it! Now, imagine that person opening the gift, not smiling or getting excited and saying something along the lines of, “Oh thanks, but you should probably take this back, I don’t really need it.” How would that make you feel?

Pretty crappy, am I right? You were all excited about this gift and now you’re totally bummed out.

When someone gives us praise and acknowledgment, it’s sort of the same thing. They are honoring us as an individual and if we brush it off, what joy are we robbing that person of that is giving us the gift of acknowledgment? Better yet, on a deeper level, what joy are we truly robbing ourselves of in that moment? Are we not worthy of praise and acknowledgement?

There is an energy exchange with giving and receiving and we women tend to give, give, give without allowing any receiving and that creates an imbalance which affects all aspects of our lives and wellbeing. In other words, it really throws us off which can leave us feeling depleted, lacking energy, and overall tired.

You can’t live a limitless life if you don’t stop to acknowledge the present. - Tweetable

So… in honor of International Women’s Day, I ask you all to pause and acknowledge yourself for something you’ve done well lately. Don’t just acknowledge but really feel into that acknowledgment and breathe it in, no matter how small it may seem.

Notice when someone is trying to give you compliment, how do you react?

If you really want a challenge, give 5 other women in your life acknowledgment today. Give them honest and real appreciation for being who they are, for helping you, for doing a good job. As you acknowledge them, notice their reactions. Do they accept your acknowledgement or do they push it away? Don’t call them out, just notice.

Once you've completed this challenge, make sure you share you experience below in the comments or over on the Limitless Women Facebook Group.

Let’s celebrate one another!


“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” – William James