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Will Eating Sugar Cause Cancer?

I am seeing PINK everywhere!

Breast Cancer

Unless you live in a bubble, you’re most likely seeing lots of pink and are aware that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I love it because 1- awareness is the number key to well, making people aware and creating change and 2- I love pink!

Yesterday, I was working at my computer and had the TV on in the background, the Meredith Vieira show came on and it caught my attention. Actress Elizabeth Hurley was Meredith’s guest and Elizabeth was going with Meredith to get Mammograms (breast screening that helps detects abnormalities in the breast tissue).

On the show, they were discussing when they were children, how breast cancer just wasn’t talked about back then. You didn’t mention the word cancer and you definitely didn’t say breast. Meredith even said her grandmother died of breast cancer and she didn’t even know what she had actually died of until she was much older because it just wasn’t talked about at all.

I found that story astonishing. I grew up in a time that it’s basically always been talked about and you hear terms cancer and breast day after day. It really struck me that these awareness campaigns really are incredible because they do get people talking, thinking about the cause, and creating change – in this case, mostly donations towards research for cures.

Now here is the kicker for me. While it is incredibly important to find cures and get people the help they need if they find themselves with cancer, our focus isn’t always on prevention of disease rather than treatment.  

That’s why I want to make sure we touch on this subject – prevention.  Specifically, disease prevention and the link that a high –sugar diet can lead to disease, including cancer. There is a lot of controversy these days over how sugar effects cancer cells and cancer growth.

It’s scary to think about and I’m certainly guilty of over-indulging in some sweet treats but there is more and more research these days showing a high-sugar diet can lead to an increased risk of cancer.

Don’t believe me – here are a few resources for you to check out:

Center for Advancement in Caner Education explains the link between sugar and cancer: http://ow.ly/T7wvX

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a well known doctor gives his input on the subject: http://ow.ly/T7wKo
Cancer Treatment Center of America – Read why they believe you still need sugar in your diet but moderation of natural sugars is a better concept: http://ow.ly/T7x1s

According to the American Heart Association, the recommended daily added sugar intake for men is 9 tsp., that’s only 36 grams. For women its 6 tsp., or 24 grams and for children, it’s only 3 tsp. or 12 grams. To give you an idea of how easy it is to hit your recommended daily allowance, let me give you some examples from everyday snack foods from the Standard American Diet:

10 gummy worms = 43 grams of sugar
1 Milky Way Candy Bar = 36 grams of sugar

1 16 oz. Bottle of Coke = 44 grams of sugar

Little Debbie Fudge Brownie with Walnuts = 31 grams of sugar

Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks (Berry) = 10 grams of sugar

Now, for the average American, most people take in double if not triple the recommended daily intake and I even feel their recommendations are high.  Children generally get WAY over their recommended daily intake.

So, my challenge to you this month and in honor of breast cancer awareness month is to start paying attention to your sugar intake. Read your labels, pay close attention to the serving size and the sugar content.

See if you can track your sugar intake for one day, maybe even one week.

Let's get some conversation started, let me know what your favorite sweet treat is by commenting below and how much sugar you think you take in per day. Just guess, it doesn't have to be right.

To awareness and prevention,


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